Internet Services

Internet – the lifeline of any business.

Elnatan is here to help you with all your internet related needs. There are many variables to take into consideration with the internet, such as: bandwidth, network speed, storage space and security. We are able to provide you with a dedicated and personalised solution to meet all your internet solution needs. We help with emails, hosting, connectivity (ADSL, VDSL, Fibre and Wireless), internet security and email security. We help with domain hosting, email hosting, connectivity (ADSL, VDSL, Fibre and Wireless), internet security and email security. And as usual, our support team is available to setup, maintain and fix any snags on all the solutions we provide to you.

Business and Consumer ADSL

Get your business or home connected to the internet with tailor made packages to suit your needs. Stable and secure internet that will enhance the business reach.

Fibre Internet

Go super speed and experience the thrill of instant browsing, streaming and downloading with a Fibre internet connection.

Wireless internet

Go wireless with a broadband internet connection for business or consumers that require internet in those remote areas where cables won’t work.

Domain and Webhosting

Contact us now to create and host your domain on the internet to provide a secure and easy way to communicate with the world.


Filter your email to avoid spam, malware and adware by using the ProofPoint mail filtering system that ensures safe emailing.

Google Apps and Archiving

Access your mail, files or archives anywhere in the world with Google Apps, all your information now follows you wherever you go.

Fax 2 Email

Tired of your old Fax Machine? Well you no longer need it, with Fax 2 Email you can have all faxes delivered to you electronically.


Stop the archive madness and migrate to Mimecast that holds all your email in the cloud for you to access on the go whenever you need to.

Exchange Online

When you are growing in numbers and your current email system isn’t working for you anymore move over to Exchange Online to manage your email for you.