Support Solutions

A team of highly skilled technicians is ready to provide you with any ICT support.

Our support will either be remotely or on site. We have an optimised ticketing system that allows us to get to your request immediately to eliminate downtime by ensuring your systems run smoothly and efficiently, saving you money. We have systems in place that can detect issues before they occur, thus again reducing downtime. Elnatan provides support on an Ad-hoc basis and on monthly service level agreements. For our SLA’s we offer emergency assistance after hours and on weekends 365 Days a year.

Elnatan helps you achieve reduced down time, higher proficiency and increased profit.

Desktop and Server Support

It can be annoying to deal with everyday I.T. problems that may occur. Elnatan eliminates this factor by providing you with efficient, knowledgeable and professional support for all your computers and servers that you utilise.

Remote, Onsite support

We are equipped to assist you either remotely, over the phone or we can always come out to your site to resolve any problems that may arise daily.


We monitor your I.T. systems for you to ensure constant productivity for your business by counter-acting the little glitches before they become a problem that can stop business processes. This includes monitoring of all data backups as well as using intelligent software pre-configured to assess your unique environment.


We ensure that all your information is safe and holds its integrity by implementing best practice network security for business